The Truth About THC

I was recently at an event promoting our CBD product when a drug counselor came up to me like I was the devil incarnated. It's amazing to me that someone counseling on drug addiction did not have the facts and no wonder we don't get better results in drug counseling.

So the truth is THC is not addictive, Cannabis is not a gateway drug, in reality

THC will help sooth the trauma of getting off a drug.

THC imitates the actions of Anandamide (a cannabinoid produced naturally by the body) by binding with cannabinoid receptors and activating neurons, which can cause intricate effects on the mind and body.
THC has the ability to alter behavior, mood perception and consciousness and often promotes the meditation of sharing, humor and creativity, and feelings of euphoria.

Yes our product contains THC and without THC most of the other cannabinoids would not occur or function in its absence. So without it your CBD is inferior or just an oil without benefit to the human condition! Know your CBD’s! Its all science so lets come out of 16th century France and into the 21st century in the most advanced country on earth...

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