Our Founder

A History With Hemp 

Gnome Wellness Founder Greg Kerber

They say that personal passion motivates the most successful ventures.

My first company evolved out of a journey I took as a parent to bring relief to my son. He suffered from severe eczema as a child and I was determined to find a natural solution and avoid prescription drugs. When hemp extraction—basically a hemp essential oil—became available, I began using it as a supplement. The remarkable results I saw in my child made me a believer, and the hemp based concoctions formulated in my kitchen became the basis for my first company. 

My daughter’s challenges were very different. Now 26, she is a lover of life who writes poetry and loves to sing and dance. The fact that she has Down syndrome adds to her charm, but also presents her with special health and cognitive issues. I noticed that after taking hemp supplements, her wit sharpened and her overall processing speed increased.

Now, I’ve made it my mission to bring this powerful, all-natural, US-grown ingredient to everyone. 

Advancing with the technology.

I keep a close watch on the developing technology and the science of hemp, so when cannabidiols, or whole plant industrial hemp extraction, became available I built a new company called Gnome Wellness™. My quest to understand advances in extraction and production took me to Colorado, the birthplace of the hemp industry. I studied the mechanics and formed a production team with leaders in the field.

Together, we created an expanding collection of superior products that meet customer needs and inspire their loyalty. We pride ourselves on easy-to-understand, natural ingredients that provide noticeable results designed to improve health. 

Ingredient innovations and the future of hemp.

I saw an opportunity to amplify my full plant based hemp extractions by combining them with nutrient-rich mushrooms, powerful 3-6-9 omegas, and other plant extractions. In fact, I created the first body care collection with the amazing chaga mushroom as its key ingredient. The result of this hard work is the Gnome Wellness collection of high quality body and face products, formulas for pets and—of course—supplements. I’ve been thrilled to see this work recognized by industry blue ribbons and endorsed by prominent physicians.  

And the innovation continues as Gnome Wellness builds upon the legacy of trust and good karma for our consumers.