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Best Friend Tincture Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with Borage Oil 750MG for Pets over 20 lbs (25mg per 1ml dropper)

Give your cat or dog the calming benefits of full-spectrum hemp extract. The easy-to-administer tincture contains a careful formulation of full-spectrum hemp extract enhanced with Omega-3 from nutrient-rich Borage Oil and no more than 0.3% THC. No flavorings or additives.

Once-daily, for pets over 20 lbs, administer 1 dropper (25mg/mL) each day. Store in a cool, dry place

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jenna Rulison
11 year old chunky pitty

We started buying this product from Benson's pet store. She has done great on it. She's able to jump on couch and roll around again...even tho she still needs to be carried to bed (spoiled) thank you!

Cabrina Gilbert
From a dear old friend to new member of the family

We started using this product for our 14 year old pup, due to the fact she wasn't exibiting her boundless energy, she used to have. After a few doses she started wanting to chase after her ball again. Then she was hopping on the couch again! So when she left us and a new puppers came into our life, we used it to calm that puppy energy a bit and to help with those growing bones and joints that were giving her some issues. Now she gets some after a long day at day care to help those hard working muscles. I've preached the greatness of this product to all my friends. It will always be in our arsenal to give relief to our furbabies.

Eileen Squiers
seems to work

give this twice a day to my 120 pd Newfy with arthritis. seems to be helping her.

would also love to know how I can use my Gnome points I have earned. can't seem to get an answer from anyone!!!

Eileen Squiers
great products

you always have great products but I've asked this before: HOW DO I USE MY REWARD POINTS?????

not sure yet

only been this oil to my 120 lbs Newfy for 3 weeks. will have to wait to see if it will relieve her arthritis pain