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Skin Deep Cream - Dry & Damaged Skin 300mg 3.3oz

Step into the realm of ultimate skin nourishment with Gnome Wellness' Enriched Hemp Lotion. Imbued with a potent 300 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, our premium lotion is a sanctum of hydration for your skin. Uniting with the tranquil virtues of Borage Oil, known for its high levels of Omega-3, our lotion delivers unparalleled moisture, targeting the driest areas with ease and restoring the supple nature of your skin.

Shea Butter, a treasure trove of fatty acids and natural vitamins, enriches this luxurious blend, ensuring each application not only soothes and hydrates but also repairs and rejuvenates. This carefully crafted, fragrance-free concoction is a pure expression of nature's intent, offering comfort and intensive care without the need for artificial scents.

Invoke the magic of deep hydration with each use; as you envelop your skin in this creamy embrace, you're not just applying a lotion, you're participating in a transformative experience that elevates your skin's health and your spirit's well-being. Our Enriched Hemp Lotion is more than a skin treatment; it's a ritual of rejuvenation, a daily devotion to the wellness that Gnome Wellness promises with every product.

Product Highlights:

  • A rich blend of 300 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract for deep hydration.
  • Borage Oil and Omega-3 for intensive skin relief.
  • Shea Butter for moisturizing and repairing dry, damaged skin.
  • Fragrance-free formula for natural, uncompromised care.
  • Ideal for revitalizing critically dry, thirsty skin to its most radiant state.


Distilled Water, Chamomile and Reshi Extractions, Virgin Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Food Grade Oils of Virgin Hemp Seed, Borage, Ahiflower and Echium, Full Spectrum CBD's; Emollients of Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Steric Acid (derived from cocoa and shea butter), Arrow Root, Optiphen (paraben & formaldehyde-free preservative), Fragrance Free.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Carmelene Siani
Not Even From England.....

I have tried EVERYTHING.... I've even had body lotion delivered from England (which, BTW, cost just about as much to have it shipped here as it cost in the first place) and NOTHING has worked -- AT ALL -- NOTHING, that is, until I tried Skin Deep Body Lotion. I put it on after a shower and it my skin is creamy and smooth with zero flaking until the next shower. I only wish they had a subscription so I didn't have to keep ordering it and it would just come in my mail box on a regular basis. (Sh-h-h. Don't tell anybody, but it's GREAT at reducing cellulite!) All I can say is try it! You'll like it. I promise.

Andrew Scheve
Amazing CBD Moisturizer

I bought the Skin Deep cream in probably 2021 or 2022 (when they were Gnome Serum) and have been using it since! It is very thick, but shockingly not too heavy for a cream this thick. Personally, I use it as a face moisturizer because I have sensitive skin and after shaving, it gets very angry. During the winter is worse because my skin dries right out after a nice warm shower! Skin Deep keeps my skin soothed, hydrated, and does not make me break out (also shocking considering the thickness of the cream)! I love the earthy, plant-based smell and no added fragrances. The high concentration of CBD is evident by how well it soothes my skin and takes away any redness. Overall, highly recommend as someone who has troublesome facial skin. I think this cream is too precious to use all over the body as a body cream, but hey! Whatever you want! :)

Caren Schweiger
Great product

Have been using for my 3 year old daughters' eczema. Nothing else has worked