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Timeless Face Defense - Nutrient Rich Repair Cream full spectrum hemp extract + plant powered nutrients +natural sun protection

Protect your skin against environmental damage with an all-natural, plant powered formula. Red raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil, and chaga mushroom offer an effective alternative to chemical sun defense. Full spectrum hemp extract and reishi mushroom support skin repair; and Vitamin E maintains a healthy, moisturized feel. Together they counter lthe visible signs of damage and aging.

Every Gnome Serum formula is powered by our proprietary compound, lab-designed to balance the benefits of each ingredient. The process starts with a leaf to root extraction of organically cultivated hemp that captures beneficial cannabidiol, terpenes, flavonoids, and no more than 0.3% THC.

Apply liberally to your face and décolletage before makeup or moisturizer, and regularly during periods of sun exposure.

COA's: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8, 910,11, 12, 13  14  1516, 17, 18

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Customer Reviews

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Wendy Hernandez
Soothing Smell

I have to say, this serum surprised me! I was expecting it to be like most serums I bought that are clear liquid and light but upon putting a few pumps on my finger to apply it looked heavy and greasy. Though once applying to my whole face it glides on so smoothly and non- oily. Oh and the smell I love! I read it had a raspberry and was afraid it might have a sweet irritating smell- but I’d have to say it’s more like a sunscreen smell with this calming aroma. I bought it to help treat this dark spot on my forehead due to sun damage it’s only day three , I haven’t noticed a difference on the spot but overall skin texture feels smooth now. I’d definitely recommend this product if you’re doubting it.

Sam Raynor
In love with this product!

I’ve tried a ton of face creams over the past year, and this has got to be my favorite! The packaging is beautiful, and I love the pump bottle. It makes it so easy to get the product out in small amounts without touching everything. It smells wonderful! Like dessert - sweet, rich, and creamy. And it feels so luxurious. It’s thick, but not too thick so it spreads evenly and is easily absorbed by the skin. My face immediately looked so radiant. I also love how it has natural sun protection. I still add sunblock, but it’s nice to know I have an extra layer of protection. i will definitely be buying this again and can’t recommend it enough!

Love the ingredient list

I’ve been interested in trying CBD skincare, but I’m very particular about the ingredients I’ll put on my body. The ingredient list in this cream is clean and natural, which I love! I can’t quite place the fragrance, maybe a bit like sweet almond, not too strong. Sun protection is a big plus, although I’m curious what the SPF rating is, as it’s not listed. Overall, great product!

Amanda Huh
Natural and moisturizing!

I have been on the search for an all natural sunscreen with red raspberry seed oil, and I finally found it! This sunscreen is so moisturizing and is made from ingredients you can trust. My skin feels so smooth and healthy, and I love that I’m also getting the protection I need from harmful rays. The smell is great too!

Jenny Connor

Ingredients I trust and results to prove. This product has spf and anti-aging benefits. Goes on smooth and absorbs nicely feeling refreshed and hydrated. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering. Used on a high UV day in SoCal and worked wonderfully for protection against the strong rays. Would recommend to both male and female. Pump feature makes easy for on the go and beach bag.